Simon Tov

What is “Siman-Tov,” you might ask? It means a “good sign,” a sign of happiness and joy. This is how the music of “Siman-Tov” should be described; it lifts up the spirit and fills hearts with joy. Formed in 1999, Siman Tov features four virtuoso performers that combine their unique backgrounds and talent to create new, original sounds. Experience the music of Siman-Tov, and let them bring a “Good Sign” to your homes and into your hearts. Siman Tov specializes in Jewish music but also play Latin and American, Italian, French and Russian favorites.

George Denisov – vocal, keyboard, guitar

Since an early age, George Denisov captivated audiences around the world with his extraordinary singing abilities. He began his musical career at the age of 6 when he was chosen to perform with the National Choir of Georgia. Mr. Denisov continued his studies after immigrating to Israel, where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in vocal and composition. While in Israel, Mr. Denisov also played a leading role in the musical “King David and Jerusalem” and was a winner of numerous competitions, among them “Sounds and Voices,” a competition for young music composers and performers in Tel Aviv, and a competition for young actors in Nathania, Israel. Today, Mr. Denisov mesmerizes US audiences with spectacular performances of his original songs. He puts a little piece of his heart into every song, and you can really feel it.

Lev Kardonsky – violin, (Director)

At the age of 6, Lev Kardonsky discovered a passion for violin, which he later turned into a successful career. Graduating from Lithuanian State Conservatory with a Master’s Degree in violin, he began his career by appearing with The City of Riga State Theater of Musical Comedy, The Latvian National Opera, and The Riga Ballet Theater. Since his arrival to the US, Mr. Kardonsky performed as a member of the Fort Worth Symphony and the Fort Worth Opera. He also appeared in concert and performed in some of the finest clubs around the world. Mr. Kardonsky was praised by audiences worldwide and received numerous awards for his accomplishments, including the Bicentennial award. Articles about his career and personal life appeared in Time, Newsweek, Texas Monthly, and Associate Press. In 1999, Lev Kardonsky formed a musical group Siman-Tov of which he is currently a member.


Fast hora

Siman tov 1
Samchem 32
lehaim 9
hava nagila 15
dayenu 26
sher 30
Yevarachecha 34
vehaer eneinu 35
yasis 50
samcheinu 58
Yid’n 53
uvau haovdim
am Israel hai
rad halaila
sisu et erushalaim
od lo ahavti dai

Medium hora

cusina 3
khupa tanz 4
bei mir bistu shein 6
ben adam 11
rich man 12
freilach zain 13
bashana habaa 20
begalach 23
N2 24
simchat tora 25
baim rabin sude 27
freilachs 29
ose shalom

Middle Eastern

Kinor david 39
shabehi jerushalaim 7
zemer atik
perach begani
yafa sheli


Mi haish 2
avinu malkenu 5
papirosn 8
yadid nefesh 14
jesrusalem of gold 37
al kol ele 38
lemaan achai 36
tapuhim utmarim
2 guitars


corazon espinado
besame mucho
historia de un amor
she bangs
unchained melody
paper moon
all of me
browned eyed girl
called to say I love you
amor amor
vamos a bailar
ho mame
baila morena
witch craft
way you look tonight
fly me to the moon


Girl from ipanema
Shadow of your smile
Manha de carnaval (blk orph)
Just the way you are

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