Passing Strangers

4 piece alternative rock band from Dallas. John Boyd built his fan base across Texas with his band Passing Strangers, and his later side projects, PS 107, Neo, and Blood Red Sky. Many know John Boyd and Passing Strangers for their dance/techno remake of Gary Wright’s “Dream Weaver” from the CD Moment in Time. This album gained national exposure, taking John and the “boys in black” as far as Poland and Germany. In the US, the album sold over 20,000 copies in one year–with no distributors or advertising. John Boyd and Passing Strangers relocated to the DFW music scene and toured with groups like Tonic, Fem 2 Fem, EMF, Information Society, Flock of Seagulls, Book of Love, Oleander, and The Doobie Brothers. John “Boots” Highland joined the group on bass. Shortly thereafter, their PS 107 song “Uma” was added to the popular Deep Ellum compilation CD “Eat Yer Vegetables,” establishing their local identity in the Dallas area. Reflecting many musical changes, Passing Strangers created “Frozen.” This new sound removed the group from its previous synth-techno sound, by becoming a more guitar driven rock ensemble. In this new landscape, lead singer/songwriter John Boyd exposed a more vibrant and edgy color of intensity in his lyric and vocals. This is most evident in the songs: Persecution, and Hip. Ryan Singleton joined the group as lead guitarist, and the “Re-Frozen” CD introduced the two previously unheard tracks: Jupiter Groupie, and My Friend. These songs had a dreamy, reflective quality, with a sound that brought music industry and critics’ comparisons of Boyd’s vocals to Jeff Buckley and Bono. A new group of fans were exposed to the Passing Strangers music project known as Neo with the CD release of “Five Spot”. This album (produced by Eric Delegard) became Boyd’s scream of hope riding atop Singleton’s waves of guitar movement (examples: Daylight, Work of Art). Upon completion of this 5 song EP, Chris Hunt took the throne on drums. Neo quickly headlined shows from Dallas to Atlanta. Passing Strangers has also played as a U2 tribute band made up of the same band members called Blood Red Sky, and John “Bono” Boyd currently fronts a nationally touring U2 tribute band, Vertigo USA. Vertigo USA was chosen to tour with U2 in recent years. John Boyd has recently relocated to Colorado, and will be increasing his presence here. John Boyd, Passing Strangers, and Vertigo USA are currently playing regular shows in Colorado, Texas and across the U.S.


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