Mysterious Ways- U2 Tribute

or almost 30 years, U2 have been a major force in rock music. Never afraid to redefine themselves, U2 has survived the early 80’s pop and late 80’s hairbands, the 90’s grunge and dance, and are as strong as ever in 2006 (having gone 5 for 5 at the 2005 Grammy’s including Album of The Year and Song Of The Year!!). With their involvement in many worldly causes and their ability to put their beliefs into songs that become hits, they have shown themselves, and their fans, that life truly does move in Mysterious Ways.

Taking a bit of U2’s philosophy, Mysterious Ways was formed in Austin, TX in mid-2005. With four veteran musicians from around the world they found themselves playing to packed houses from the very beginning, as well as headlining FADO IRISH PUB’s 2006 St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations, playing to over 1000 people!!

Playing all your favorite U2 songs from “Boy” to “How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb” to U2 B-sides, Mysterious Ways is a U2 tribute band with spirit and passion as big as Texas itself. See for yourself – because life DOES move in Mysterious Ways!


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