Linny Nance

Who is Network, the Band ? One of a kind. Led by keyboard player Linny Nance, Network is a group of musical ambassadors sent out to share the wonderful sounds of jazz, blues, R&B, Hip Hop, gospel and soul with the rest of the world. Not long ago, Network’s rhythm section ( Linny ..s, Brent Nance on drums/percussion, Walter Nelson on bass & Todd Parsnow on guitar) were touring all over the world and performing on THE BEST JAZZ AND BLUES stages with Dreyfus, Birdology recording artist Lucky Peterson, known in Europe as “The Prince of Blues”. In Europe and around the world : the Montreux Jazz Festival & the Jazzhaus. In Canada the Montreal Jazz Festival . In the US, at the Olympic Games in Atlanta. all over the place…. Now everyone is back at home, so you can enjoy NETWORK’s many talents & styles of music. The group is available in various configurations, from three piece on up, utilizing guitar, saxophone, and extra vocalists or instrumentalists as appropriate. Available for private parties, social & corporate events, concerts, and club dates. Why hire Network, the band? Because of the talent and energy they can bring to YOUR event. For several years, Linny has brought together a group of talented friends; versatile musicians and vocalists all, from different horizons, of worldwide experience. With one common denominator : the love of music & the sheer pleasure of entertaining. And what does this mean for you ? you will receive their personal attention “We go all out to make your event a memorable occasion !” Linny Nance If you are looking for the ultimate entertainment experience, and You want a solo, duo, 3 piece band or more ; You want a wide variety of music; You have special requests for your event : Think of Linny Nance and Network

Linny Nance & Network, the Band is a Network of very talented & diverse musicians & singers that perform all kinds of music in any situation in any combination from Linny solo to six pieces Linny Nance: Keyboards, vocals (trumpet sometimes) Walter Nelson: Bass Harold Webb: Drums Qwamon Fowler, Gary Wooten,Rob Holbert, Charles Ledbetter: saxes James Aiken, Tamara Peterson, Jackie Carr-Revley: Vocals Larry Davis: Keyboards, Vocals Mark Gulley,Ron Malvern, Harold Webb, Brent Nance:Percussion, Dums, Vocals


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