Le Freak

Bud “the Bourbon Cowboy” – Buford-Drums/Vocals
Also sometimes refered to as “Disco Tex” or “The Disco Trucker”, Bud was born in a small town called Bucksnort, located somewhere in BFE Tennessee. Bud never knew his father, but as his momma tells the story, “Yer daddy n’ I dun met wen we tide fer first place at the banjo pickin’ compitishon durin’ Bucksnort’s anule BBQ.” Caught up in the mood of the celebration and much moonshine consumed, the night ended in a heated passion behind the chicken coupe, were Bud was concieved. Later, Bud began playing drums, became a truck driver, blah blah blah…

Marvin “Cupcake” Jackson-Osmond – Guitar/Vocals
Only recently has the mystery behind “The Cupcake’s” upbringing been brought to light. Marvin explains, “When the Jackson 5 were touring with the Osmonds in the 70’s, my daddy, Joe Jackson had a brief affair with Donny & Marie’s mom. Because of strict Mormon religion, the Osmond family could not be involved in such a scandal, so I was givin up the day I was born.” Secretly raised by foster parents in a small Utah trailer park, Marvin’s musical skills developed early but neither family would use or recognize his skills due to “image problems”. Marvin got the nickname “Cupcake” when his booty was voted “The Sweet and Mushy Guilty Pleasure of the Year” by a panel of former female clients of the Jenny Craig program.

Curly “the Package” Brown – Bass/Vocals
“Curly is obvious, see?”, he asks. Momma’d done had six boys already and she really, really wanted me to be a girl… ‘Cept I come out, she sees the package and damn, she’s so mad she gives me a girl’s name; Karen. She used to even put me in dresses to go to church. I tells folks I’m Curly, ’cause it’s a boy name but I’m really named Karen! Hey man, You won’t put that on the website will you? Get it? The other nickname? “Oh yeah, THAT”, blushes Curly. “Well, folks call me ‘The Package’ ’cause I used to work for UPS… Naw, really. You’d just have to come to a show and see for yourself” Curly sums up with, “A name ain’t nothin’ but a handle, y’know? You can call me what you like cause ain’t nobody need a handle for me no-how. I’m easy to pick up. Anybody can call a King Don a Ho Ho but that don’t make ’em the same, right?. Wait… Right?”

Minne “Soda” Mick James – Lead Vocals
Growing up in foster homes across Minneapolis, “Soda” (short for Minnesota) discovered who his parents were from an anonymous letter when he was 15. Apparently Soda’s mamma, Farrah Fawcett, put him up for adoption immediately after birth when Lee Majors (her husband at the time) saw that the 6 million dollar baby was black from the waist down. At the height of her popularity, Farrah could ill afford the recognition that she was not only the inspiration for the song “Super Freak”, but consequently made a baby with the one and only Rick James!(RIP) With Mick’s life-long ambition to be a pro football player in tow, he was also the star of his highschool football team. Unfortunately, his teammates resented him because the cheerleaders would ONLY cheer for Soda with cheers like “Soda, Soda he’s our man, he can do us, but YOU can’t” and “Oh Micky you’re so fine, step right up to my behind, go Micky…” Although torn by his love of disco and football, it was obvious to Soda where his path and pants would lead him and armed with his mamma’s looks and his daddy’s talent, Minne’Soda’ Mick James was destined to become a disco star!


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