Jenny Glass

Surround yourself with music from a bygone era. The elegance of harp music creates an appropriate atmosphere, brings people together and makes an event more memorable. If you love music that is timeless, let the harp take you to a time when elegance and graciousness set the tone for an extraordinary event. You can choose harp alone or harp with a violinist. Jenny will listen to your desires and will put forth all her experience and efforts to help make your event the most special ever and make all your dreams come true.

For almost 20 years, Jenny Glass has performed harp for weddings, receptions and many other events. Her repertoire includes classical, popular and religious music suited perfectly for your wedding or reception. She has performed harp music both in Ireland and the U.S. She has been televised performing harp on BBC, England and her harp music is broadcasted on classical and celtic radio stations, as well. Jenny was chosen to play harp for the British Royal Family, former First Lady Hillary Clinton, visiting bishops from the Vatican of Rome and Mary Robinson, past President of Ireland. Jenny has played Harp for weddings in churches, synagogues, victorian houses and gardens.

Earnie Taft performs classical and lively violin pieces providing you a choice of options including a violin and harp duo or harp, flute and violin trio. Earnie’s versitility adds life to the music. His experience includes performing not only with classical performers but other bands as well. Earnie plays with an Irish band that plays predominently Celtic music. Earnie, also, has been heard playing swing music in a lively C&W Band. Earnie is open to whatever style of music is desired for the listener. If his name is familiar, his father Harold Taft, was a beloved weatherman for Channel 5 for many years. We are very happy to add Earnie Taft to our selection of musicians. He is a wonderful musician and a very dear friend of our family.

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