He Wears Black – A Tribute To Johnny Cash

He Wears Black is a Johnny Cash tribute band. The music and life of Johnny Cash has been very special to me and I know to a lot of other folks as well. There has recently been a lot of posthumous Johnny Cash releases and a renewed interest in Johnny Cash’s legacy by the public. I personally think this is a good thing because I don’t think you can ever have enough of Johnny’s music and spirit. The only thing that is missing from these is the up close and personal LIVE experience of Johnny Cash’s music. This is why we came up with this show.

It just so happens, I am related to the late, great Johnny Cash. Granted, it is a far away relation but I am kin just the same. My Great-Great-Great Grandmother on my father’s side was Francis “Fannie” Cash. Our shared ancestry goes all the way back to Scotland. Shared branches but different veins. Unfortunately, I found this out after the Man in Black had passed away.

I first heard Johnny Cash like a lot of you, through my family. My Grandfather listened to Johnny religiously. By the time I was starting to play myself, I was learning Johnny Cash songs I had heard a million times. I have been a devoted, lifelong fan of Johnny’s music, honesty, and spirituality. Cash music was some of the main inspiration to make playing and singing my life.

I have been a professional musician for the past 20 years. I have toured the world and shared stages with many talented and special people: Bo Diddley, Eric Idle (Monty Python), Magic Slim, Dick Dale, etc… Hell, I have even played at Carnegie Hall in New York City with Art Garfunkel.

I am glad I earned some quality miles, because developing this show has been one of the most difficult and rewarding experiences of my career. Care has been given to many details in order to give the audience a fulfilling experience across the span of Johnny’s career. Music, arrangements, clothes, and most importantly the overall spirit of Johnny and June’s shows have been recreated. Not to merely imitate, but to celebrate the music and heart of Johnny Cash in a communal way with the audience.

Synchronicity plays with all of our lives at some point and in my life this was to include Johnny Cash. After playing every Honky Tonk, Theater, Barroom, and Rodeo for 25 years, Johnny Cash changed the path of my life again, just as much as he did the first time I heard him. I want to bring this wonderful experience LIVE to you one more time in the He Wears Black Tribute to the Music of Johnny Cash.


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