False Pretense

False Pretense may be a name that’s new to the Dallas area, but the first time you hear this band play live you’ll know there is nothing amateur about them. This is a collection of five guys who’ve been living the music scene their entire lives. The first time they performed live together, they won the Forever Free Battle of the Bands competition.

Clay Garrett, a native Texan, has been playing rock and blues guitar for over 15 years and teaching for more than 10. After honing his guitar skills at the Berklee College of Music he moved back to Dallas, and has played with more than a dozen bands around the metroplex. Clay is always the focal point of every performance, and has truly given Berklee something to be proud of.

David Marcus has a voice that’s the envy of every rock vocalist in that he can sing everything from Bon Scott to Bon Jovi and everything in between – absolutely flawlessly. Just close your eyes and listen to the voice of any rock singer David feels in the mood to portray at the time. You’ll be glad this vocal extraordinaire got tired of winning every Karaoke contest to come play with this group.

Chuck Hayes has been hitting things with sticks since John Bonham was cool. He can’t be controlled. He’s everything any band would want in a drummer: fanatical, tight, passionate, well timed, and you hear how much he loves rock-n-roll with every kick of the drum. This is what happens when you do one thing extremely well for over 25 years.

The first time you hear Ty Weatherly play bass guitar, it will change your definition of “bass player” forever. It’s no wonder that the hundreds of bass players around the metroplex he’s taught consider him the thunder god. This qualified veteran of guitar has played and recorded with more than 20 bands in Dallas and his explosive style and presence stand out in every song.

Song List

Any Way You Want It – Journey
Superstition – Stevie Wonder
Rock Of Ages – Def Leapord
Wanted D.O.A. – Bon Jovi
Sex Type Thing – .S.T.P.
Enter Sandman – Metalica
Have A Drink – A.C.D.C
Hot For A Teacher – Van Halen
Pride And Joy – S.R.V.
House Is A Rockin – S.R.V.
Sweet Home Alabama –
Play That Funky – Wild Cherry
Sanctuary. Cult
Girls Girls Girls – Crue
You Shook Me – Acdc
Paradise City – Gnr
Are You Going To Be My Girl – Jet
Blister In The Sun – Violent Femms
Brick House – Commodores
Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison
Closer – Nin
Crazy Train – Ozzy
Desire – U2
Fight For You Right – Beasty Boys
Gel – Colletive Soul
Hey Ya – Outcast
Harder To Breath – Maroon 5
Jane Says – Janes Additiction
Jessies Girl – Rick Springfield
Man In The Box – Alice In Chains
My Own Worst Enemy – Lit
No Excuses – Alice In Chains
Rock And Roll All Night – Kiss
Santiria – Sublime
What I Got – Sublime
Symphony Of Destruction – Megadeath
The Middle – Jimmy Eat World
Vertigo – U2
More Human Than Human – Zombie
Bodies Hit The Floor – Drowing Pool
Never Agian – Nickelback
She Hates Me – Puddle Of Mud
Cowboy – Kid Rock
Seek And Destroy – Metalica
Lets Go Crazy – Prince
Wheel In The Sky – Journey
Stone In Love – Journey
Whats Up – 4 Non Blonds
Beverly Hills – Weezer
Dance Dance – Fallout Boy
Word Up – Korn
Inside Out – Eve 6

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