Cavalcade of Stars – Las Vegas Show Group

“Cavalcade of Stars” is a legendary, Sunburst Award Winning, “Best of Show” Las Vegas show group, an exciting interactive dance band, and an elegant ensemble for cocktails or dinner. During dance sets, the performers and band change costumes and may deliver percussion instruments to the attendees.

The audience is enticed not only to the dance floor but, onto the performance stage as well. This act was selected to perform for top-level event managers from all over the world as the best that Dallas Texas had to offer in entertainment for the prestigious IAEM (International Association of Event Managers) gala.

In addition to Elton John, Tina Turner, Elvis, and others, exclusive characters have been added to the show. These performers include sterling representations of Aretha Franklin, Shania Twain, Roy Orbison, Reba McEntyre, The Beatles, Cher, The Blues Brothers, Jessica Simpson, with options for Groucho Marx or Austin Powers as M C, and a wild rendition of Retro-1970’s & 80’s Disco! Many other performers are available upon request.

You may choose the characters to be portrayed during the show and great latitude is offered in song selection. This flexibility ensures that each performance is an exclusive and customized presentation. Careful attention to detail is given to make sure that “Cavalcade of Stars” performances are always politically and culturally correct. The characters may be presented periodically throughout the dance sets, or collectively as a show. Dancing may be encouraged during the entire evening.

Dance set repertoire and costuming is refined annually based on market evaluations and audience response. Sets of music may be modified to best serve the demographics and theme representative of your event.

Song List

Past Shows
Rexall, Inc.
GTE Telephone
L. A. Times
New York Life Insurance
Bell Telephone
U. S. Army (Ball)
Phillip Morris, Inc.
Pioneer, Inc.
Dallas Cowboys
H. E. B. Hospital
Hard Rock Cafe

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