Latin, Hispanic Bands

Landin Mariachi Band

The Landin Mariachis are a very popular Dallas group and a real party maker! They will stroll around the room singing and playing favorites to fit your Tex-Mex theme. They can also play many requests from your guests.

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Trio Montuno

Trio Montuno is a Vibraphone/Bass/Percussion group that skillfully combines a unique blend of Jazz, Brazilian, and Afro-Caribbean music, (a music style commonly known as Latin-Jazz), resulting in a colorful and energetic new approach that has delighted audiences wherever they have performed.

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Trio Los Soles

This strolling Mariachi band decked in full costume will delight you and your guests with their warm and personable performance.

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Latin Fire

Latin Fire is a fairly new band in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, but it was built upon a solid background. The aggregation was founded last year by David Flores, a name widely recognized for his steady prominence for almost 20 years in Texas’ Afro-Latin music.

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“The fiery rhythms of vibes”. LatinVibes is infectious polyrhythmic grooves, harmonic colorings, and improvisational lines all skillfully combined to create an unique sound that brings excitement from one of the finest Latin Jazz ensemble in Texas.

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Carabali’s vocal and rhythm section project drive and intensity.

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