Carabali’s vocal and rhythm section project drive and intensity. Featuring Carl Murr Trombone, Eric Camarillo Trumpet, Rob Rose Alto Sax Dir., Carlos Rengifo Bass, Pelayo Parlades Piano, Vimidsa Silva Vocal, Rodrigo Montragon Timbal & Tambora, Jorge Flores Conga & Lead Vocal, and Josh Flores Lead Vocal. In addition to Salsa and Merengue, Carabali performs Mambos, Cumbias, Boleros, Latin Jazz, and original compositions. This gives Carabali a true International sound that appeals to all listeners.

Carabali “The Dallas Salsa and Merengue Band” was formed in 1984. Josh Flores leads this sensational group. Josh is a well-developed musician whose major focus of study is percussion and vocals. He began his musical career in Puerto Rico, and his unique sound and explosive energy is an integral part of Carabali’s performances.

The band’s musical repertoire emphasizes traditional and contemporary Salsa and Merengue styles delivered with precision and energy that have become a Carabali trademark. Carabali’s vocal and rhythm section projects drive and intensity that motivates the audience to participate. The brass section features the full sounds of trumpet, trombone, and saxophone. The percussion section features timbales, conga, piano, bass and bongo.

Carabali has been performing steadily and without interruption in the Dallas Fort Worth area for the last 20 years and is featured weekly at prominent Latin nightclubs, hotel engagements, private parties, and musical festivals throughout Texas. More people in the Metroplex are discovering that they do not need to go to New York, Miami, or San Juan to enjoy great live Salsa music… they just follow the crowd and the Caribbean sound of Carabali “The Dallas Salsa and Merengue Band” Remember, dancing is good for you. Dancing like no one is watching is even better.


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