Bart Crow Band

“I bared it all on this record. I opened my heart, exposed my family’s tragedies, and when it was done, I had nothing else to give.” HEARTWORN TRAGEDY is Bart Crow’s latest chapter in a story that bodes the finest quality of the human spirit; resilience. Slated for release on October 27, 2009 on Smith Entertainment Records, HEARTWORN TRAGEDY is a portrait of Bart Crow as he is now, after coming out the other side of a year that intended to knock him out in the first round. In the liner notes this record is dedicated to our soldiers and their families, an undaunted band of warriors with who Crow shares the fraternal blood. Yet, the inspiration that pervades this entire collection stems from his mother who bravely rushed the battle lines of her own personal war and ended up the last one standing after the smoke finally cleared. These 10 superlative tracks plod a course through a landscape of heartbreak, fear, anger, faith, forgiveness, love, and the miracle of surrender. It is a testimony to the enduring soldier in us all and the innate wisdom that beckons us through another storm because we know the sun will shine again on another beautiful day.


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