Annagrey is the personification of her music: passionate, hypnotic, and humane. Self-assured yet compelled to seek the vulnerability of her own heart, she has been writing and singing since she could first carry a tune. And for Annagrey, that was pretty early in life–she’s the scion of one of The Brooks Sisters, so musical talent is her legacy. In fact, she has been a music professional for most of her life, providing the most in-demand radio IDs. She enjoys her work as a first-call vocalist.
Yet Annagrey’s own music, which she both writes and sings, is the irresistible force that holds the foundation of her life. It is what she seeks to share with listeners today. Every note and every word is part of a story we all share. Deep, self-effacing, downright beautiful–and showcasing a range to make any musician envious–Annagrey reminds us that all contentment is temporary.

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