Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends! Forget “tribute bands” The 8tracks pay tribute to ALL 70’s rock n’ roll, playing many of the 70’s greatest songs from Aerosmith to ZZTop.

And don’t expect any funky music white boy, these guys are all about the rock because, quite frankly, discostillsucks.com! The 8tracks are the REAL DEAL, being high school graduates from 1975-1979, these guys know the sounds, the look and they play and sing it ALL! You won’t find anything pre-programed or canned about these guys!! And if that’s not enough, there’s a multi media part of the show that will put you right smack back in your polyester and Ford Pintos!

So if you’re tired of hearing the same ol’ bands doing the same old canned disco crap, check out The 8track and have a REAL flashback!! They’re available for clubs, reunions, company parties and corporate functions.


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